Streamline Toolbar request


I wonder if I might be brave enough to make a request to streamline Evolute workflow and toolbar a little?

Currently, the optimise button does just that … optimise,

This is fine but it seems to me it would be more sensible to have all the options that are in the ‘importance’ tool come up in the Rhino command window when you click the optimise button. This is much like you’d expect from most tools, you click the tool and all the parameters come up in the dialogue window, you can check them before commit, or alter each one as required before committing the action.

This way, it speeds up workflow by having one less click to go through, it also removes one icon which makes the visual aspect less cluttered.

Hope that sounds like a good idea!?

Many thanks for this suggestion! Certainly there are possibilities for improvement of the user interface, especially with respect to importance values and toggles, because there is just too many of them packed into a single command. We have been thinking about making them accessible using a separate GUI widget, just like for closeness and planarity analysis.

In general the UI concept in EvoluteTools is to have separate commands for changing parameters and optimization, at least for those optimization commands that take a lot of parameters. This approach is not used for D.LOFT and T.MAP for the moment, because there are not that many parameters exposed to the user yet.

We have not been thinking about changing the functionality of the etOptimize button so far, because it is usually used for many successive clicks, for which it would be disturbing if it wouldn’t optimize immediately.

Let’s use this discussion thread to collect some further input and ideas what to improve.


Yes, I can see that the requirement for the optimise button to be simply clicked without hindrance is a positive thing.

Perhaps a left click to action ‘commit’ with one click and a right click to action the parameters options?

Very good idea, many thanks! We will put that on the todo list.

Great! Thanks for listening!

On this note, the subdivide tool would be handy candidate to have this ‘left and right’ click option as well…

Right click to set subdivision method, then left click to repeat the application as desired without having to keep clicking enter each time.