Managing Containers & Toolbars - Toward an Understandable Workflow

Rhino 8’s customization abilities seem great, but they have issues. In an attempt to be a part of the solution, I went through the first pages of the Help Docs on the topic, and marked it up with some ideas I think could be of help to make the workflow more understandable and streamlined. (For some reason I did it in Acrobat as opposed to Rhino, so it’s not the prettiest document :sweat_smile:)

There are also one or two bugs that I mention in there.

ManagingToolbars_RH8_TowardNewWorkflow_AFAR_240527.pdf (922.5 KB)

Hope this starts a positive discourse on where the workflow can go.




Additional for WISH LIST: Button Library

We have a Macro Library, but when Rhino loses the customizations of our Toolbars, it would be nice to be able to re-populate with the buttons we already spent time creating – as it stands, and correct me if I’m wrong, we can’t drag-and-drop from any library that will give us the full button, with both the left and right mouse clicks.