Straus7 export file from Karamba

Hi! I have a problem while exporting my document from Karamba to Straus7.

I have used ggKarambatoStrand7 as exportation tool but when I open the file in Straus there are some errors:

  1. cross-section user-modified properties have different characetristics
  2. applied loads are not recognized
  3. General system of coordinate is different
  4. While opening the model with the results, those lasts are completely different from Karamba results.

Probably there should be a different way to import the file or i made something wrong but i should be able to import my model from Karamba to Straus7 with all the attached data, so I’m asking some support.

PROVA6 load 1 optimization base per (44.3 KB)


Hi Maria,

Thanks for posting. Time has been of short supply at the moment, so I haven’t been able to review the model quite as I’d like. But I’ve uploaded some new installers to the downloads page at
If you can please test and let us know what issues persist. I might suggest an online meeting to talk through outstanding issues if you are willing.

  1. I didn’t spot where you are modifying cross section properties. Can you advise a little more on this issue? Latest build should be better at conveying the exact numeric attributes used in Karamba.

  1. I did recently improve uniform loads. These should now carry. My latest generated strand7 file is below.

  2. It seems that here in Australia, a convention of y axis vertical for 3d models was adopted (I suspect following on to a lot of 2d analysis that was conducted prior to this becoming more prevalent). I don’t know if strand7 can be configured to display z axis as vertical, but given Rhino viewports are aligned with a more worldly view of this, I don’t intend to offer a transformation unless this is really painful.

  3. That might arise from the loading. Can you compare the update and let me know if this is still varying a lot? I had a quick look and it looked close. Not sure that gravity is still being set and you might have to manually configure that for the time being.



PROVA6 load 1 optimization base per straus7.txt (2.7 KB)