Export Karamba Model to SpaceGass using GeometryGym

Hi all,

I have a karamba model with simple beams, and I’d like to push this to SpaceGass with the ggSG Grasshopper Plugin

In this example, the karambe model has 2 simply supported beams, loads are gravity & beam load, I’m using -3.15 kN/m on both beams in this case. I use the ggKarambaSpaceGass node to export this Karamba model to SpaceGass as a .txt file

However, when I try import the .txt file from SpaceGass, first I get an error, and I don’t see my load and load cases in SpaceGass other than the gravity load case

Any pointer will be really appreciated.


PS: So far, I find the ggKarambaSpaceGass export works for Point Loads, but not for beam UDL.

Hi David,

Thanks for the post. Is it possible to upload (or email to me), your gh script so I can test the same scenario? This saves me time to try and rebuild your test case (and perhaps I don’t replicate the behaviour).



Thanks Jon for getting back to me, attached is the gh file.

Beam_ParallelMemberSpacing_KarambaToSG.gh (49.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing the script. I reviewed the generated model and do see this is problematic.
It can be difficult to get applied loading right from Karamba when different applications have different local axis etc. It’s always good to check base reactions and if you do spot any other loading that is amiss, please let me know.

I’ve uploaded a fix to rhino package manager. If you can please update then let me know if you have other problems or suggestions.



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Thanks Jon, it’s working! Thanks for the speedy fix!