Problem with karamba in python

I’m trying to use python to store and sort Karamba cross sections. I’m using the GH_CrossSection wrapper to do this as I believe I should be but it will still not work.
When I pass the cross section into a param component (or any cross section input in a Karamba component) I get the error “Data conversion failed from CrossSection to CrossSection”.

I’ve tested other Karamba types (e.g. elements) and these reproduce the same error.

Karamba Python (88.0 KB)

Dear @dom.beer43,
when I loaded your definition it gave no error warning.
Maybe it has to do with my Grasshopper Developer settings:
Check whether you have ‘Memory load…’ enabled. In that case it might be that there are two independent versions of the karamba.gha assembly loaded which leads to the weired error message that you get.