Export karamba optimized strucure


I saw on karamba online manual that you guys have done a component that export files to ifc. So was trying to do that using the “ggkarambaexport” command, but it’s giving me this error “ 1. Solution exception:Method not found: ‘Int32 Karamba.Models.Model.get_numLC()’. ”. Print below:

The karamba support told me that you guys, from the geometry gym could help. Any ideas?

One more thing, it is possible to export to others files? I mean, i want to run a non linear analysis with the optimized model in an external software, like ansys and others. Do any of you guys have an idea or know how to export to others formats, like STL for example. That would help me alot!


Hi Gustavo,

Normally this type of error suggests that the installed GG plugin is built against a different version of Karamba (ie you have installed 1.3.2 and the gg plugin works with 1.3.1).
You will find both of these on the downloads page at www.geometrygym.com but if you’re not sure or this doesn’t help, get in contact (or post here) and we’ll help resolve.



Hi @jonm,

So probably the reason is that…
I have installed the 2.0.0 version (available on the karamba3d github). I’m using this version because I need to use some features that only this version can offer. the ggkaramba plugin comes automatically with the karamba installation. How can I know the version that a need to install?



I have a similar issue. I have Karamba v 1.3.3 installed but the latest GeomGym Plug-In is built for Karamba v 1.3.2.

@jonm Are you guys planning to release an update for the current Karamba version?

Thank you!

Hi Julian,

We have builds for these updated versions of Karamba. The v1.3.2 versions of Geometry Gym plug-ins (standard installers) should work with Karmamba 1.3.3. Have you tried? If not we can provide a dedicated installer for this version.

Because we have multiple versions (i.e Etabs 16, Etab 17, Etabs 18) of plug-ins and then there are multiple versions of Karamba we typically build others on command. If the installer you have does not work please send us an email (support@geometrygym.com) with what structural analysis program (or IFC) and Karamba Version and we will provide.

Further information on this topic can be found here:


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Hi Nathan,

thank you for your reply!

I tried to use the IFC Exporter for Karamba, but it didn’t work:

This is the Error message (unfortunately in German)

My translation:

  1. solution exception:The file or assembly “RevitAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null” or a dependency to it was not found. The system cannot find the specified file.

I don’t know how Revit is related to this, but I guessed the issue might stem from the fact that the versions of Karamba and the GeomGym IFC exporter are not matching.

Do you have a clue why this error occurs? @NathanGG


Hi Julian,

There is now an updated Installer on our website for 1.3.3. Please download and see if you get better export results.