Strange Octane message

The last couple of days I have been getting this strange message when I do a save on a document. Any ideas?

I’ve never seen that one… Does it happen with any file or one in particular? My hunch is that the file was saved elsewhere with Octane materials maybe in another program that Octane has a plugin for?

I sent a link of this post to the Rhino for Octane developer as well.

Hi - I believe this error is being raised when you save a scene when the Octane tab is closed. I will fix this today (in release and post on the Otoy forums.


Thanks Paul!

Hi Paul,

 That was exactly what was throwing up that message. At least it is no longer doing so on a save now that I have the Octane tab open or docked. It was also giving that error message everytime an autosave took place. Thanks for your prompt attention. BTW, your Octane Plug-in for Rhino is great and I've tried to bring more attention to it here and will maybe do some posts. Perhaps we could get our own Octane Sub thread. 

Thanks Paul and Brian

@stevebaer can you make it so?

This issue should now be resolved in the latest version of the plugin - available from

Release notes…

  • Fixed issue when input from the LocalDb was not working for materials downloaded from the LiveDb
  • Fixed exception being raised when saving a Rhino file when the plugin was not open
  • Fixed issue where rendering proxies in the Rhino Render panel was raising a “Singular Matrix” Cuda error



 I've downloaded the lastest version you post above and still am having the 'failure to initialize Octane' messages when starting Rhino. I've updated drivers and taken out my old 260 card and am using a 460 so shouldn't have any problems there. I started a thread just now at OTOY and I miss not having Octane renders (as do my clients!). Any ideas?

For anyone else who has this issue, uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling the latest release resolved the problem.



Thanks Paul for you help and a wonderful plugin. Perhaps the plugin needed the Standalone re-installed to verify the license of the Standalone before associating the plugin. I read on the Otoy site that you don’t need Standalone installed but do need a license number to verify the plugin but I was never asked for the Standalone number so I guess it found what it needed which seemed to be the gist of the error messages. Anyway, I had forgotten how much the ease and speed on Octane kept me engaged in my projects by being able to easily take ‘sneak previews’ along the way. Not to mention keeping my clients engaged and involved (like sending checks!). Nothing like some ‘eye candy’ to open those wallets and get feedback and review.

 In the interim of figuring this all out, I used a 15 day demo of FluidRay for my vis and renders, and was pretty impressed with it and almost bought a copy. The 'early adopter' price was reasonable but the thing that stopped me was the load it seemed to put on my CPU and cooling. I also re-examined NEON and found that I could get surprisingly good results there and that price is certainly within any Rhino users means but the roaring fans and CPU load was much the same. My demo timed out and I soon found that just setting an environment in Rhino Render Preview mode looked fine for screenshots and didn't seem to load up my computer.

Now that I've got Octane back I can render to my hearts content and hardly ever hear the GPU fans kick in and with render priority set to medium, I feel no lag in my display. Great feature and makes up for my no longer being able to use my 260 card. 

And as an added bonus, this thread seems to have led to our being granted our own Octane category. Guess I'll have to post some results soon.

Thanks Andy!

Yes- an Octane Category - thank you!