Can't load plugin as ID is in use

I had to pull an old system drive and have re-installed Rhino5 on a SSD which is so much faster to load. However, I cannot load Octane Render for Rhino as I get a message that the plugin ID is already in use. I have contacted OTOY support and deleted all old files associated with Octane Render and released the licenses for both the standalone version and the Octane Render for Rhino via their website. I just downloaded the latest 64bit versions and the standalone installed and activated just fine. No such luck with the Rhino version of Octane and I get the same warning messages when starting Rhino. How do I kill the old plugin in order to load the latest version as suggested

This is driving me crazy for a week now and I have tried the new 15 day trial of FluidRay in order to get some work done but I have invested heavily in terms of money and time spent learning and getting the sort of results in Octane that my clients have come to rely. I am liking FluidRay but it puts heavy demands on my CPU and I really need to put my GPUs back to work with Octane. Please help!

I’m surprised that no one else has had this issue or that I have had no response on this. I guess I will consider Fluid Ray for now.

Hi - has this been resolved yet? I couldn’t find a support request on this @ Otoy.


Thanks for checking in with me on this Paul. I have had no luck with
getting Octane to load in Rhino on a new SSD. Here is the message I get
when opening Rhino.

“Error Starting Octane, Unable to initiate Octane Engine”

I click OK and then Rhino starts but this message appears.

[image: Inline image 1]

Could it be my old GTX 260 card is not up to snuff on the CUDA version

or something? I have a GTX 460 card in the machine but is not plugged in as
I think I was overtaxing my power supply when I was using the 460 for
Octane and the 260 for screen display.

Thanks for your help,


Octane 2 requires an Nvidia card with a Compute Capability of 2 or higher ( A GTX 260 has a Compute Capability of 1.3 (

So yes, your GTX 260 is too old - sorry.


I knew that! :+1:

Thanks, I’ll swap out cards. I miss my Octane!

Paul, I switched back to my GTX 460 card and it is working in the latest Octane Standalone but I am still having the same problems with Octane for Rhino. Why would this card not work?

Sorry- I’m not sure how I missed this message! Is this still a problem for you?


Its fine now Paul, Thanks. I have a new GTX 780Ti now so the 460 is history…