Another Rendering Pluggin not working! McNeel - Help!

I’ve installed Rhino on a new machine and am installing my rendering pluggins. I tried to install Octane for Rhino and it doesn’t install all of the needed elements. It fails to install it’s material pallet tab. I have had not issues install Octane on my previous workstation. I haven’t tried using this pluggin for about 2 weeks.

This is the second render pluggin from a 3rd party which has failed. First Random Control’s Fry export stopped exporting properly and now Octane is missing a key element in it’s pluggin.

Brazil seems to be working fine.

Andy mentioned going back to previous RS builds…are they available on the McNeel site? I just have them coming in automatically. Can someone point me to a build of about a month ago and how to turn off the automatic acquiring of new builds. This is my production machine…I don’t need to be having ‘beta’ issues like this.


You may be aware of this, but just in case, Octane’s materials (I’m using the Octane plugin and Rhino SR8) now use Rhino’s material tab–rightclick in a toolbar window and click on “materials” from the list…


Thanks Nathan…that was it! I actually liked having Octanes materials in it’s own pallet but this will do. I appreciate the info. I just installed and expected Octane to behave as before. This one caught me off-guard.

Super–glad it worked…yes, I liked having the expandable material window as well. (Paul, the great(!) plugin developer, aka “Face-off”, said he has a request (expandable UI material window) in w/ McNeel).


I’m glad too :slight_smile: Thanks again! Sounds good on the material window.

A question Nathan.
Are you experiencing any slow-downs when you use the ‘settings’ in the Octane UI? Mine have to completely redraw before the Viewport updates. And the settings UI is a sluggish redraw. I just installed 2 780 Ti’s (and should have no redraw issues as I give the interface one whole card) and never had any issues on a 5 series in a slower computer.

Hi Paul,

No, no issues here at the moment. Only using one 660 Ti (3gb), but performing nicely currently.