Erratic mouse after update

I’ve been using Rhino in my patent drawing work for a bunch of years.
After the last update, I get erratic mouse movements each time I open a file I’m working on.
I think you know what I’m talking about so I’ll get to the point:
Is there a way to go back to an earlier version so I don’t have to go through this jumpy mouse syndrome?

I’m afraid not, no.

Which version are you running now and which was the previous version you were running?

Mouse on screen stops and starts erratically. Rotating in perspective view is not smooth.
Currently running Ver6 SR32 – previous version (last month?) didn’t have the issue.

While I have your attention: I am using two monitors and the tools I set up on the second monitor often (every other start?) disappear. All the check boxes under Tools/Options/Toolbars loose their checks. My solution is to always apply the needed check and resave my custom *.rui until it does it again. Been happening for years now.

So, for your second point - you have toolbars open on one monitor and Rhino itself on a second one, is that correct? Is Rhino on what Windows considers the ‘Primary’ display?


Yes sir that’s correct. Very often all the check marks for all the saved toolbars including the default disappear. The only solution I could determine is re-checking the desired boxes.

The mouse issue only showed on my system after the last Rhino update about a month ago.
Thank you.

This would be the previous version: Rhino 6 SR31.

OK - I will try this for a while and see if I can repeat the problem. Is the Rhino window on the primary or secondary monitor?


Primary monitor.
Mouse issue comes and goes. Maybe it’s how Rhino affects my sytem.

I’d hope there is a solution the the tool options loosing ALL check marks.