Mouse problem

Today I’ve started having a strange problem with my mouse. Whenever I have the mouse in focus on something else other than Rhino, for example windows explorer or a web browser, when I return to Rhino and click on the command line, it takes exactly 3 clicks to have the text cursor to show up and blink waiting for a command. The first 2 clicks only show a brief flash of the cursor.
It doesn’t happen anywhere else in windows. It’s very frustrating for example select an object and try to type an action, or even press delete, and nothing happens unless I click first three times on the command line.
The rest of the interface works as expected, icons respond normally and I have no issues on the drawing area.
I’ve tried with 3 different mice and they all behave similarly.
Did anybody experienced this behavior?
I’m using the latest SR of R5

EDIT: This morning the problem is gone … go figure !

Any chance your system was waiting to restart after an update yesterday?

No, I had files open overnight and also I have the automatic backup set to ask me first.
Yesterday I was working with 2 sessions of Rhino and it was doing the same strange thing in both.
I’ll keep an eye and let you know if it happens again. (that was a first after many years)

I meant automatic windows update …

See the OP. I had this problem a while ago and it went away.
Now in the last few days has come back and it drives me crazy !.

Hello - hm… wierd… is this still Rhino 5? Is there an updated driver available for the mouse by any chance, just in case that helps?


Nah, I just remembered that restarting the system fixes the problem. What puzzles me is why it happens only in Rhino and what triggers it …
Thanks anyway.