Strange lines on surfaces after V-Ray rendering

What is these lines on my object? I have no texture yet.

Those look like your mesh edges… --Mitch

Can you save out and post the material vrmat of one of the materials that is causing this problem. It appears you have a TexEdges texture applied somewhere in the material.

I do not know. It is my first days with Rhino and V-Ray. I like experimenting, so maybe I did something I do not know about. You can take a look at the project. I am rearranging all (mesh, layers…) so it looks choatic :wink:Rhino Building118.3dm (1.4 MB)

I used V-Ray: Stucco_B01_50cm

The issue is you are using Cellular and GPU rendering, either remove the Cellular or turn off GPU rendering.

Below is a list of all the GPU supported features:

Thank You Matt! Now I have got more energy to study Rhino and V-Ray. I hope I will like it. For now I see it is easier to model architecture in Blender and Max. When I see all Rhino arch. vis. demos I love it.
One more question: how can I remove edges where I have floor tiles? I want the tiles to be as a one surface.

I got a same problem after importing sketchup model into rhino. When I render my model, I see " hidden geometry, or isocurves during and after rendering. I tried to turn of GPU rendering and it has not helped.
Is there any option how to remove these strange lines ?


Post an example image, it will be easier to understand what is your problem.

this kind of surface isocurves or what,
And look at the railing on right side, there is some kind of ’ grouping’ geometry. I havent met that kind of problem whenever before …


It happens with all non planar surfaces ( made by patch, networksrf, 3,4ptsrf) and with imported objects from sketchup.

help me, I am lost

Enscape creates high definition renderings fast with Rhino. Try that! Here you can know how it is made possible -

It’s strange, I think I never saw something like this.
The first thing to try with meshes and architectural stuff is making sure the geometry is not too far from the origin.
If moving everything near 0,0,0 dosn’t resolve the problem post a few objects that show the problem and someone will take a look.

I’m getting the exact same problem! I’ve adjusted so many different settings within VRAY all with no luck!

My problem can be seen here;

EDIT: Moving the model closer to the origin solved this.

I am having the same problem. The model is centered at the origin, my bump maps do not have a TexCellular option on and I am not using GPU rendering. Material override shows the same geometric lines. Any ideas about what else could be causing this?


EDIT: The geometry of my railing is rendering very strangely as well. The railing was created with a simple pipe command but is rendering in incomplete segments. Please help!

I tried to scale it up by 1000 and the lines disappear

move to orient point(0,0,0) your model. sometime appear line when nurbs model boundary too wide

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Worked for me! Thanks!