V-Ray 3.40.02 Render Major Error (Distorting the MODEL)

Hello All,

I’m having a huge issue rendering with V-Ray 3.40.02 trial version.

I did not have any issues with V-Ray 2.0, but the new version seems to come out differently with distorted model. I have no idea why this is happening, and the rendering program should not interrupt the rhino model physically. You can see from the images I attached below that the glass shape is distorted on the left, columns are having cracked color in between, and the columns changed from a cylinder to a weird vertical plane. A normal Rhino render version seems to appear fine. I hope this is my personal mistake so I can fix immediately. If anyone has a solution for this, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance!

It looks like the meshes are lacking in precision/resolution, most probably because the geometry is far from the origin.
Select all your geometry, move it near the origin an refresh the rendering mesh.

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If you were close to me, I would’ve kissed you. Resolved after hours of struggle.
Thank you so much for your fast reply and exact solution!


Oh my god your answer really solve my problem for a long time!!!
I just register in this website to reply and thank you!

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