Strange appearance of surfaces when using shaded/rendered display style


I’m noticing strange display issues with some surfaces - see attached 3dm file. When I split the upper surface on the first picture with vertical plane, the result (the lower surface) displays strangely in shaded display mode - not all isocurves are visible. There is a similar problem with closed surface on the second picture, but in this case there are strange things going on also in rendered display mode as shown on third picture. In wireframe everything looks normal and if I produce sections using intersect command everything works fine. Check command says all the surfaces are valid. So, is this only a display issue or are surfaces actually bad due to innacurate modelling, too many control points etc. ? Thanks.

Untitled.3dm (5.3 MB)

Without looking at the file .
Looks like a meshing issue.
Set a custom mesh in the properties of the object.
Set aspect ratio to 2 or 3.
Check the help for the mesh command - more and detailed info there
Does this help? Kind regards, tom

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I think if you change this setting in the mesh fitting tools, the mesh will fit closer to the surface and reduce the effect you are seeing:

Any luck?


Thank you both so much. I tried to remodel this like 10 times already…