Cycles in V6 on a 4090 problem

I finally upgraded to a beast of a machine. I have V6 of Rhino but I’ve still been using V5 because V6 didn’t run great on my older machine. Now that I have a 4090, I was excited to try Cycles. But when I use a raytraced viewport, all I get is white objects and grounds, and it’s painfully slow for what I would think is the best card available to run it. An I missing something? I don’t even know where to start looking to troubleshoot this. Thanks.

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You’ll have to upgrade to Rhino v7 to be able to use your RTX 4090. Rhino 6 has no mechanism to support automatically newer cards when they come out.

I might be able to compile a kernel for the RTX 4090, but not sure when I can get to that.

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Ouch. ok…

So to be clear, if I shell out for V7, it works great with a 4090?

I haven’t tested this myself, I don’t have an RTX 4xxx series card. Hopefully community members will be able to say if they work or not.

I do have an RTX A6000 and RTX A5000, works great with those.

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Thanks, I’ll wait. I hope my expensive card isn’t unusable on Rhino now. That would be pretty bad. :confused:

You can always just get the Rhino 7 evaluation version to double-check if it works. I think it should work, I just haven’t been able to verify myself.

Ah, thanks I forgot all about evaluation versions! (derp)

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Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Well, setting to raytraced mode crashes rhino. :frowning:

And now it’s working. So weird. I’ll keep testing, thx

Hmm, weird that it crashes, but the mechanism in Rhino 7 should mean that when a new architecture GPU is detected Cycles first compiles a new kernel. That can take a while - maybe this felt like it was crashing Rhino? Or did Rhino actually disappear and you had to restart it?

It was odd… it said rhino crashed, and I sent in a report, but then it started rendering, the window didn’t disappear. Most bizarre thing I’ve seen. Testing more now.

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You probably will be able to get even better performance out selecting your GPU in the Optix tab under the Tools > Options > Cycles settings dialog. This will have a similar compile delay.

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Holy crap! yeah, that’s like 5 times faster or so! Way more useful! Thanks.

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Even with the 4xxx series, the 48GB A6000 is still pretty shiny. : )

Hello everyone, I recently bought a asus rog laptop with a rtx 4080 gpu, but I having issues with rhino render. The only way the cycles are working is through the cpu, the optix and open cl rtx are not working. I already checked if everything is OK with the gpu and everything seems to work just fine, only having a issue with rhino. Any advice?

Did you see Cycles in V6 on a 4090 problem - #2 by nathanletwory ?

Yes, I’m already using rhino 7

Please post the unabridged result of the Rhino command _SystemInfo