Display issues in V6

Finally got around to installing V6 on an older machine of mine. And I drew a circle and got this. ?

7 or 8 year old win10 machine with an AMD ATI FirePro V. No issues like this with Rhinov5.

Ideas on how to fix this? Thx.

Start with updating the display drivers.
The OpenGL specifications for V6 are much higher and newer for V5.
Your old AMD card has been retired and there may not be good drivers for it, but it’s certainly worth a try.
That said, a 7-8 year old machine has certainly out lived it’s expected usefulness, so I wouldn’t spend any money upgrading it.

Drivers are fully updated. Guess I’m sticking to V5 at home. Shame since this thing is still running great otherwise, but I get it that one has to stop supporting old equipment at some point. Office machine is more current, so I’ll play with V6 on that. Thanks.

Hi Heath - @heath see if changing the setting in Options > View > OpenGL > ‘GPU Tessellation’ does anything good.


As always, you are magic.

That worked, thank you.

That’s good to hear. Many older drivers report that they support tessellation shaders and in reality you end up with junk on the screen. Turning this feature off has a slight impact on performance, but if you are using the latest service release the difference in speed should be very small

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