Strange dots


V5/64, the _Dot function.
When I enter no text, some funny symbols are in the dot:

This is an old old error, and today I came across it again.


I’m not seeing this in English.
If you switch Rhino to English does the problem go away?
Please let me know what you find.

I’m not seeing this in French or English in the non-dash version of the command. I do see what Charles is talking about in both versions if I use the dash version.

What I also see is that if no text is entered in the dialog box version, an annotation dot is created anyway, but it is of course invisible. This should not be allowed either, if the text field is blank and the user hits “OK”, the command should self-cancel.


OK, now I am seeing the funny characters in the dialog version as well. It seems you have to run the dash version a time or two then the dialog version a time or two and keep switching back and forth - eventually it starts happening.


I switched to English and don’t see the effect now.
Then back to German, and the effect is away.
I invoke the command from the toolbar icon.

What if you switch to German and see if the effect is there?