Documentation bug, German "Dot" command

The German command list at Rhino Befehle [McNeel Wiki] seems incorrect, as it lists “Anmerkungspunkt” for “Dot”, while the correct command in Rhino 7 is “BeschriftungsPunkt”.

Note that the documentation changed from “BeschriftungsPunkt” to “Anmerkungspunkt”, however in Rhino 7 the command did NOT actually change and still is “BeschriftungsPunkt”.

(I’m not a German speaker, just trying to help a German speaker. I have not checked other commands.)

Note that I did initially installed the English Rhino 7 and later added/switched to the German version for testing, and also have the (English) Rhino 6 installed.

Thanks for the hint @j.stolk

Anmerkungspunkt is obviously wrong. I’ll see to get it fixed ASAP.

@wim @j.stolk @Daniel_Wunsch :

Bug fixed: Rhinoceros Help

In case your browser still displays the old version (Anmerkungspunkt instead of Beschriftungspunkt) please erase your caché memory.

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I see the correction in the command help file, but not yet in the German command list where I originally found the issue: Rhino Befehle [McNeel Wiki] (search for “dot”)

Fixed now!