_Dot unknown command

(6.0.15349.15421, 15.12.2015)

Is _Dot replaced by some other command?


Hey Charles - _Dot seems to be working here in 15421… --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

no luck in here.
This is seen in the command area when Rhino was fresh started:

RhinoCycles 6.0.15349.15421
Command: _Dot
Unknown command: _Dot

The dot itself seems to work when

Command: _EvaluatePt
Point to evaluate ( Label=On  Style=Dot ):

The dot is quite ugly, but there.


Do the Text or Point commands work? --Mitch

Yes, and so do the other dimension-related tools…
only _Dot is nasty.


Dot is in that Commands plug-in. Is that plug-in disabled? Another command in the commands plug-in is Circle. Does circle work?

Yep, that’s why I asked about Text and Point working - also in “Commands”… Seems those are working for him.


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Circle works:

Command: _Circle
Center of circle ( Deformable  Vertical  2Point  3Point  Tangent  AroundCurve  FitPoints ):
Radius <7.800> ( Diameter  Orientation  Circumference  Area ):
Command: _-Dot
Unknown command: _-Dot

I am completely at a loss at the moment why this would be happening on your computer. Have you restarted Rhino?

Steve, sure I restarted.
Do you want me to check something else?

System language thing? Looks like the Rhino is in English, but is the system in German? --Mitch

Rhino is set to German, but comes up in English/German mixed:

In the plug-in manager, right click on the Commands plug-in and look at the command list. Is Dot in there?

Couldn’t find _Dot or Dot.


And ‘Anmerkungspunkt’ works:

But not _Dot:

Aha! that points me to what the problem is. I’ll try to get this fixed today


This should be fixed in the next WIP

Kind of fixed…

Try the predefined dots: