Strange dent in a flowed object,

the rope has this strange dent, I came about as I was adjusting Cps on the parent [green] curve

any idea how to clean this dent … I guess I didn’t try to flow it again, but there is no visible clue that I can see for why it has that dent?

Thanks a lot

Dent_in_the_rope .3dm (17.9 MB)

Hi Akash - see if reorienting the target curve so that is is vertical helps;so that the curve is vertical sorts it out - select the target curve, RemapCPlane > Front for example.


Hisory should update it correctly. I do not recall what the problem is when a loop is oriented vertically, but it can happen in Sweep1 as well. I’ll see if we can get this fixed - last time I asked, I think the response was ‘that is how it is’ but I may be mis-remembering.



Amazing … I can’t say I understand what remapping the Cplane does…?

If you get an explanation from the devs, I’d love to hear a user level translation of it.

What I also noticed [come to think about it, it’s likely related to this bug/limitation]. While adjusting CP on that loop, it took the computer a long time to calculate each move, and it’s just one curve and 2 flowed pipes.

thanks a lot