Bad object

so, I have checked the wiki and google but still can’t find out why my polyline has gone rogue,
most everything I found was related to mesh or surface.
It won’t split or explode and I did check it wasn’t grouped.
Selbadobject works but i’m damned if I can see why ?

I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction,
pretty pleasev berth -combined.3dm (117.1 KB)

Hello - was this curve made in Rhino or imported?


Hi Pascal.
short story :slight_smile:
I measured the black base geometry with a proliner but had to do it in two halfs, so I imported the second half and put them together before drawing the blue sections…


Hello - but the blue (bad) curves are created by you in Rhino, correct? Using what command?


yes that’s right mostly offset was used.

and when I tried trim I did snap to the line in 2 places not just one .

Hi Richard - thanks - I’d like to reproduce this…you can make the curves OK by exporting to IGES format (defaults is fine) and re-importing. But I would love to have any details you can recall about how they were made…


Export/import seems to have done it so far, thanks Pascal …

I did that a couple of days ago so I’ll try to back trace it …

opened the starboard side in Rhino, then aligned it to the plane…
Imported the Port side and then using the gumball aligned that to the starboard side
I did use the manual dimension input quite a lot to fine tune the position but as this is for a boat bed I don’t
need sub mm accuracy.

using offset I made the cushion profile on the base geometry and then used copy/paste to make a copy which I raised 125mm in the Z axis to make the cushion top .

As the 2 long curves at that raised Z height were close enough to the hull shape I did offset again in the Y axis at 100mm but it was too much so did it a couple of more times until 65mm looked right.

I think pretty much after that I deleted a couple of points and also ran rebuild and smooth…

I rebuilt and smoothed the largest radius and was working on one of the smaller ones by using the radius tool when I noticed I couldn’t split out the radius to edit it …

I hope that helps and thank you,
if you want I can let you have the 2 base geometry halves ?

Hi Richard - thanks - I think that is enough to at least have a try at reproducing it…


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you rock dude :slight_smile:

Hi @fragged8 - for the future - it is probably, bad objects aside, much more efficient and clean to make new curves from clean geometry - your bad curve was almost all arcs and straights:

So making them that way makes for a way better curve in the end:


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thanks Pascal

I dont get nearly enough time to learn, I work all day making covers and have to fit this in at night… I really do appreciate all your help.