STL Export for CNC

Dstem 2-2-2015.3dm (2.7 MB) STL Export for CNC.
Best way to reduce polygon count?
Current exports take days, weeks, years to process by CAM
Are there any know problems in Mac version for STL export?


Why are you exporting that as STL for CNC? Just the circles and the outer rectangle exported as DXF should work for just about anyone that has a reasonable (even cheap) CAM system…


DXF export file from Rhino works well with MeshCAM less than a min. on the Mac.
PyCAM on linux gets hung up on some unsupported elements in the DXF file, but loads the file in 2 hrs. does not finish ngc file.
Trying to standardized on a few SW tools and find the best mix of new SW to support my CNC Router, Mill. Lathe and 3D printer on Mac or linux at a reasonable price and quality.

Thanks again.