When I export a file to DWG, it “explodes” my planar polygons, which is not good for CNC cutting. We need the polygons connected when we open them in AutoCAD or Vectorworks.

Anyone know if there’s an export to DWG setting that I’m not seeing, that would preserve the joined shapes?


Please post a 3DM file with an example. Which export scheme you’re using to export them?

I figured it out! I just didn’t see the “Explode Polycurves” box checked under the “2004 Polylines” scheme.

I am fairly new to Rhino 5 and I am using build 5.4. Previously I had no problem importing or exporting dwg files. Now both importing and exporting leaves me with an incomplete model. Anyone have any input?

Please attach the DWG file so we can have a look.

X3_CaseREVJ.dwg.zip (249.2 KB)

Hi Bucklem,
Thank you for attaching the DWG. I opened it in AutoCAD, BriscCAD and Rhino and it appears to have written a good file. Text is Mtext and Leaders are Leader object. But there is no 3D geometry, that I would expect from see in the image if your model.

So now I need the 3DM as well.
If you do not want to post it here, please email it (or a link to download) to mary@mcneel.com

What I need to test is the DWG/DXF export on Rhino 5.4 WIP for the Mac.
The “2004 Solids” flavor should produced solids and meshes in the AutoCAD export.

What you are showing in the image above and what I confirmed you have in the file, is consistent with using the “2004 Lines” or “2004 Polylines” flavor of export. In these configurations, surfaces are exported as curves, which is consistent with the file you sent for testing.

Thanks for your help.
Mary Fugier


Thank you for your hard work. I am sending you the file.

Update: Buckleym was kind enough to get us his model to investigate.
There were bad objects in this files that were preventing a good export.

The problems the existing file would take quite a bit of repair work.
Edge & vertex tolerances on that file have too much variation.
SelBadObjects, RebuildEdges, and rejoining until valid and closed was recommended.

Buckleym also had the option to re-import from IGES or STP.
We are hoping that this will get him a better geometry to export.

Hope this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier

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