Status bar layer pane expansion

May layer payne be expanded to show full title without hovering?

30 or more characters and spaces?

Each column title in the Panel can be mouse dragged in/out to whatever size you want.


Hello - the expanding the layer pane is on the pile:
RH-48368 Not enough space to view layer name



Thanks for the response…

Which pile, i.e. for development or closed?


Hi -

The pile with open bug reports and feature requests. At this point, there are 12 600 such items that are unresolved.

Thnx again…

Another thing that may help to preclude mouse move and hovering time.

Layer I.D. is often showing in the properties tab which is almost always open for the object being worked with so all that is needed to i.d. is a glance in that direction.

I just picked up on this a few days back. My working reaction is to go to the layer pane first.

RH-48368 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi -

You can now change this in the latest Rhino 8 WIP by modifying the Rhino.Options.Appearance.StatusBarLayerPaneWidth setting in Rhino Options > Advanced.
FWIW, the number is a multiplier of a “standard width” and, in Rhino 7, this is currently set to “2”.


Thanks for responding.

Rhino 7, Windows.

I can’t find: Rhino Options > Advanced.FWIW

See menu in attached screenshot.

What am I doing wrong?

Tom M.


Hi Tom -

Like I said - or at least tried to - you can change this in Rhino 8. Not in Rhino 7.

Thanks again.


Tom M.