Full Layer Names in object properties and status bar

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The topic above is from 5 years ago.

The problem got worse in Rhino WIP:

The status bar does not display full layer names. I’d like to see full layer names for the current layer and selected object layer, not just with mouse over.

Is there a way to display full layer names in the object properties and in the status bar at the bottom of the screen?

I have a lot of identical child layers under a handful of parent layers. Some of the child layers are two or three digit numbers so they’re really short. I’m generally trying to keep layer names short so this argument doesn’t count for me.

The content in the status bar at least on my screens never takes much more space than half of the screen width, so I think it would be nice if the user could either drag the width of the cell for the layer names in the status bar and choose from full names or simple names in both status bar and object properties.

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thanks Martin, I’ve added RH-73287 statusbar layernames show only child layer even when there is enough space to show full path

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RH-73287 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thanks Brian.

@dale I really don’t agree with using a slash as a separator between parent and child layers and I think it should be :: like everywhere else. I think it leads to confusion to use a slash just in this case.

From a visual point of view, the standard layer separator creates a larger space between sublayers and makes it much easier to read compared to a layer path with slashes in betweeen. Squinting your eyes, the double colon almost disappears.

Can you please change this back to ::

Hi Martin,

I’m sorry but I disagree on this point. / is a common separator for folders/subfolders, which makes the parent-child relation much more clear. In the below example I find it visually more pleasing to see the / as separator and I find it easier to read.

Parent::part 01::sub_01::screws

Parent/part 01/sub_01/screws

Yes of course it’s a common separator but then why not be consistent and change it in the entire system?

I just think it will lead to confusion when people start concatenating layer names with slash separators in Grasshopper.

The :: is a programming thing, and changing that is going to break a lot of existing scripts, so that won’t be a good idea.
But the / is visually much better for the majority of users that don’t program.

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Well at least the status bar shows full layers.
And in real Rhino fashion you would offer choosing a custom separator in the advanced settings.