Starting selection window rectangle with a command?


What is/is there a command to start the regular selection window?
(The one you normally start by clicking left mouse)

Are there seperate commands for the different selection modes: Window/Crossing (Full rectangle/dashed rectangle?

Reason I need it is because sometimes I am so zoomed into an object/mesh that clicking won’t start a selection box, instead it selects the object. So it forces me to zoom out, to find an ‘empty’ space to click in to start the selection box.

Typing “W” and Enter before selecting will force a window selection.
Typing “C” and Enter will force a crossing selection.
With either of these two active, you can draw your rectangle either left or right, it will retain the chosen mode.

Also note that holding down Alt temporarily suspends object snaps, so that you can start a normal window selection with the mouse in a crowded area without snapping to anything.

That’s it. Somehow missed it in the help documentation. Thank you.

(For future reference/google searches. These are the actual commands: SelWindow, SelCrossing)