Window selection behaves like crossing selection V7

When I type “w” after a command to invoke a window selection Rhino 7 selects everything the window touches rather than what is fully enclosed. This is crossing selection behavior. This doesn’t happen if I use 'SelWindow or '_SelWindow individually or just click and drag right. Weird?


Hi Dennis - if you type W and Enter, does the command line show that SelWindow is the command?



Yes it does.

So, no command running, you type W + Enter and then drag a window and get crossing behavior, correct?

Close and restart Rhino?


It only happens when there’s a command running. example-move, enter, w.

Got it, thanks. I see it if I type SelWindow as well.
RH-63653 SelWindow inside a command


RH-63653 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate