Run Selection Commands inside ShowSelected


I noticed I can select objects by layer inside ShowSelected command by I can’t do anything else. It would be really useful and practical to be able to run commands such as selcrv, selblockinstance, selcolor.

Not terribly necessary but it would be a nice addition. I just put it out there, no compromise.


Hi Shynn- that works but you need to type the entire command (no auto complete) or if you are using an alias, make sure there is no ‘!’ at the start of the selection command (that will cancel the current command, Sel* commands should be nestable and written withoout a ‘!’)

If there are some that do not work let me know - I just verfiied with one or two.


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Huh, good to know!

That would be lit. This feature can also be integrated into the new clipping plan feature, which I refer to as “view bounding box.” Users can control “visibility” within this ClippingBox by associating it with points, lines, curves, and 2D–3D geometries.

Users can, for example, type a Rhino command like “select_lines_inside_viewbox” (basically, it’s a box clipping plane), etc.

I’m confident that this feature (along with Rhino UI and UX improvements :wink:) will attract more users.