Select modes inside/cross switch?


Many times I have to select object using inside mode (from left to right) or touched mode, (from right to left)
Is there a way to switch between these two mode when draging selection square (circle or pol…)?

My idea is to click on the right mouse button (easier idea), and dashed line change of color to indicate active mode…

Let me know, maybe does it already exist but I never found it :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hello - no… not that I can think of.


Why don’t you just use selection filter?

hum… from preferences, I could switch between 3 modes: Inside, Crossing, or both, which mean, from left to right for one mode, to right to left to the other side…
Is it complicated to create a script to toggle these two modes once dragging square selection by a right click? color could be optional :slight_smile:

@ivelin.peychev 95% of my selections are default rectangle, but often my model is left side of my screen/mouse, or by activating some control points I what to select them but not the background objets… so switching will be very useful, of course there are ways by filters (that i use) but it was not my wish for these post

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You can force Window or Crossing mode by typing “w” or “c” + Enter when doing a rectangle selection, so you can use for example a window selection going from right to left. Plus you can combine them with multiple selection sets by using Shift.

And don’t forget Lasso!!


I simply cannot understand the reason of switching, unless you also use other software where selection is opposite. I use a lot of software and I haven’t seen a single one where selection behaves different than Rhino. Perhaps a screenshot could help me understand why you need that switch.

Yep, true! - these are aliases though, so you’ll need to be using the defaults for this to work.


Thanks for the clarification!

Thank you for all advices.
W/C option is was I was looking for, but I was not able to see options available.