Starting Rhino causes BSOD


We have a user who uses Rhino 7, since today about 13:00 she gets a BSOD immediately when she starts Rhino 7. In the Windows logs there are no useful lines that could say anything about the crash, and the Rhino crash log folders are empty. User said she didn’t install any updates from Rhino today. Are there other ways to get the Systeminfo of Rhino 7 without starting it?


Hi @j.bakhuizen
If you haven’t already, try and start Rhino in Safemode (There should be a shortcut in the Rhino folder) and see if you can get Rhino/Systeminfo running from there.
HTH, Jakob

Edit Or make it manually: “C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Rhino.exe” /SafeMode

Hi @Normand

We tried starting safemode, but also then the system crashes (this time with no bluescreen).


Hi Jeffrey,

Is the configuration of your machines standardised and controlled by an IT department? If yes, then they should have the skills to diagnose and fix this. If no, then you need to start by identifying what changed in the machine between the last time Rhino worked ok and 13:00 today - anything, not just Rhino. Look at the Windows Update history for starters.

But before you do that, make sure everything of importance on the machine has been backed up elsewhere…


Solved after a rollback of Rhino version, there was a silent update.


Hi Jeffery - But… that is not a solution - what version of Rhino works and what version does not? Was the computer updated to the recent Windows update? Does a re-install of the pervious, crashing, Rhino work as well?