Star Trek custom insignia-communicator

On a short break from larger scale modelling, I wanted to spend a few hours and make a communicator. Anyone who is into or has seen Star Trek will see these kinds of badge communicators pinned to character uniforms.

With some added spheres and a few drops of water for a bit of scene work and depth. All rendered using Bella, with a shade of post to enhance a little.


Nicely done! Ive made a fair number of badges myself.


Thank you! Perhaps you could show a few eventually. :slight_smile:

Well I cant technically show my Rhino files but…nothing to say I cant show a screen grab from the show. Did a wide swath of items but as far as badges specifically here are a few. Despite what many think of the show it was a great ride and very rewarding project for me personally. All props were designed in Rhino.

Crew badges as well as the Kaminar council pin on his right chest.

Another one from season 3. Earth Defense Force badge


Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never had the fortune to speak to actual VFX staff from any Star Trek show. It is nice to have work appreciated by someone who actually worked on it. :slight_smile: The Kaminar badge is certainly very nice.

Many thanks.


Awesome project. Can’t wait for season 5.

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Same here, sadly it will be next year before we see it.

Yes indeed, but a trailer should be coming at SDCC. Excited!

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