Star Trek - The Starship Cygnet

Though I have posted some other things here, the main reason I got into 3D, which remains to this day, is Star Trek. This was my first model I ever made in Rhino, started in February 2022, and started my learning in Rhino and learning (again!) in 3D, after almost 10 years away from it. I have been improving it since. WHile it is miles away from anything the “Big Boys” make in production and the fan world (there are many stunning fan ships out there), I am happy with the process and outcome, and I have very much enjoyed it.

This render was completed using Bella render, with a few small post-effects and some toning.
There are some earlier/other images of Cygnet if anyone is interested, just give me a shout.


Keep up the good work. I look forward to further visualizations of your projects. :slight_smile:

Looking great David! Having modeled a few ships for the new shows I can appreciate the work involved not just in the modeling but the design as well. Keep at it, always push yourself to try new things and take established designs in a different direction as well as creating new ones.

Thank you for sharing !


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How about some ortho views with the arctic render mode!

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Thank you, I must say, I am inspired to try more real world objects after seeing your bella output!

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Hi Scott. I am very appreciative of the feedback. Further, I really appreciate the time taken from someone in your position as to have worked on the real thing, thank you.

Of course, here are some additional views of Cygnet produced in mixed orthographic Arctic mode, and a general bella clay-like render, to show some details lost in the orthos.


Hi David,

Thank you for posting these images. Really allows us to enjoy the entire design. Really nice and clean work. The forms really work well from all angles. The attention to detail is also quite nice. Just enough without being over the top. Elegant design. Im especially fond of the different look for the bussard collectors at the front of the nacelle.


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Very sleek and elegant design. I dig it a lot !.
Infinitely more pleasing that than NCC-1701 of the original series (that appliance was just horrible IMHO) :grin:

Designing real-world objects with some innovation to succeed in the market is challenging. Even though I share simple models, most of the time in modeling is spent looking for ideal proportions. Industrial design is hard I must say. :smiley: How satisfied are you with the Bella renderer? Do you use any other rendering software?

I think I still stand by the points I have made in this response to your question here:

As for all of my points in that post, I think all but the first are in development anyway. The first point is really a solution out of scope of a renderer, it’s a product suite solution. I think in general the point about GPUs will be highlighted across more paid renderers now Blender Cycles supports (I think) all three brands of GPU (three GPU brands! Wow!), with hardware acceleration, it raises the game a bit for other renderers.

As for how I am getting on with bella currently… I didn’t even remember there are still other possbilities. :wink:

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i got the schematics of the warp drive… In GH, takes a while to load… want them? :see_no_evil:

That is just eye candy! Gorgeous!

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You have schematics in GrassHopper?

Thanks for the appreication. Actually, if I wasn’t so unhealthily into learning better surfacing, I’d be doing more renders of this. I’d like to, but the render I want to do takes a little long on my CPU right now, so I will try again in a bit of time.