Mystic carving - Render


I can’t tell if this stoic face is sleeping, or awake, or both.
The display case and jeweled flowers are all Rhino. Rendered in Bella.

(A very technical render featuring SSS and Dispersion behind glass)

Color scheme with Alabaster material (Subtle SSS differences than previous)

Color scheme 2

Color scheme 1


Hello Thomas,
wow - great job

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New color scheme


Nice work! Zbrush for the face or?

I am 99% positive it’s a zBrush model.

Okey, you did not sculpt it yourself? where did you find the model in that case? If you did not make it, I think its a good idea to tell the name of the maker?!

I have a bunch of props like this on this machine. If they are on this drive they are meant to be used for renders (either they were freely available, or purchased for that reason at some point in time).

Many times I use them as decoration for interior renders and such.

amazing work as always- thanks for sharing this and all your other incredible work here.

I’d love if you shared your wireframes showing your lights setups, but understand if you want to keep the secret ingredients to yourself. :wink:

Sure, but there is nothing special about the setup. Studio scenes are pretty much the same in principle.


Still, a 1% is model by Rhino.

:joy: Believe it or not I was more interested in the diamond flowers … I just needed something to fill the center.

Why not show one or more “diamond flowers” more predominately then, because currently you barely notice them, since the weird bust sucks up all the attention.

It has SSS, which important too and that bust is perfect for it. With so many folds and bumps it’s ideal shocasing the effect.

I do have another render with just the flowers in the gallery.

Hi @ThomasAn
Spectacular renderings as always :clap: I’m tied down to Keyshot at work, as we have a massive catalog with repeat clients, but I must say Bella is looking really interesting. Do you primarily use Bella inside Rhino or do you use the stand-alone GUI? Are there any obvious cons to using Bella inside Rhino over the stand-alone (missing features or similar)?
TIA, Jakob

The Rhino plugin makes things really seamless. I use that 99% of the time. The last 1% is that I prefer to keep working on Rhino while rendering in the background so I call the BellaExport command and it auto-opens the GUI. to starts rendering as a separate process.

There is one issue with Rhino viewports that once you assign Bella materials then the other modes (eg render mode) gets wonky, or black, because assigning emitter to surfaces confuses Rhino into thinking there are no lights in the scene. This is as much a McNeel issue though (was discussed before). Also although you can use the native Rhino lights, you loose the ability to use lumens or Watts on those, because Rhino (McNeel side) doesn’t have that interface implemented.

Bella is heavily nodes based and currently neither the GUI nor Rhino have a nodes graphical interface, but I think there is some consideration leveraging grasshoper’s UI. If you’ve seen Blender’s material node system, Bella will be like that graphically at some point (is my understanding)

Bella has two engines (a fast and a slow). The fast engine works for most scenes and it can also show dispersion on gems, but does not throw caustics. On speed it has an edge (or on par) with CyclesX already, but they haven’t finished the GPU support yet.

Currently displacement is not yet implemented, but bump and normal maps work well.
You can create material blends which works like Maxwell’s layer system, but more versatile.

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Cool @ThomasAn - Thanks for the insights!

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Does this page belong to you?

@user2922 Sorry but the link dont work!

Can’t see that link. Maybe someone liked the render and used it in a website about women and violence. Happens sometimes. I don’t care that much. These are just fun hobby renders.

Someone else stole this work and offered it for sale on Opensea like his own, he removed it