Recent work

Hello, here my recent work (Rhino 5):

What do you think?


what is it?


It looks like it has a USB port, and a screen, a port for a data chip to plug in, maybe an earphone plug, and plugs into a car cigarette lighter. Maybe a music player?

I should also point out that it’s a cool-looking model!

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i think its a space mouse for under way that one can keep modeling in rhino while “hopefully” driving in an ”auto”piloted tesla :wink: exclusively for the modeling nerds of course

I have taken as a basis…


very nice…:+1:

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Thanks! :grinning:

ok now i got it, it looks like starship enterprise turned up side down :yum:

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it’s very nice

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giving it another thought, it may look like a make up case :wink: with a telescope mascara and a modular lipstick
but you could render it with a nice texture to extinguish all doubts about its purpose.

I generally paid attention to modeling, sometimes forgot about exact structure…

yes i understand, but when i make such an effort to model a precise tool like that, then nobody could hold me off from giving it the last touch it deserves… maybe think about it. if you dont do a lot of renders maybe somebody would enjoy giving this a shot? just an idea

That’ll block the cigar lighter once plugged in ; )

Maybe you can still use USB to light up cigaretts…
Cigaretts are getting too expensive anyway…