Standard Wacom Pen options for Rhino

Please, can anybody tell me how to set up standard Wacom Pen options for Rhino:

Pen tip = left click
Side Button A = middle click
Side Button B = Right click

I have it set up in the wacom pen settings but it’s not doing what its supposed to do in Rhino (wrong clicks).

Wacom pen settings should be system wide.
AKAIK there are no Rhino over rides.

here’s my settings:

With my Wacom tablet it appears I can have custom pen settings for any application. Click the add button to the right of “All” in the applications @Steve_Howden and see if it lets you add another application for custom settings.

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Hi Sochin,

Sorry, I meant over rides within Rhino itself.
You can definitely set up different schemes for different apps from the Wacom pen properties dialogue.
In my case I prefer to have the pen behave the same in all applications as it is a bit much for my poor old brain to cope with changes from app to app.

So is your button mapping not behaving for your Rhino settings? Maybe try deleting the Rhino specific one and see if the “All Other” settings behave.

LOL…I know that feeling. Would like a dollar for everytime I tried to use Rhino keyboard shortcuts to move around in PS :slight_smile:

I think I know what the problem is. I have recently changed my mouse setup in windows for the primary button from left to right. Every software I use (3d Max, Zbrush, Clip Studio, Photoshop CC,…) has no problem with it except Rhino. It somehow takes the windows setup as primary and the Wacom pen setup as secondary and it doesn’t reset’s the setup of the buttons in rhino after putting it back to normal (Left button as primary). The mouse is fine and works in both setups.

So all programs work in this manner:
Pen tip CLICK.
The bigger button on the pen RIGHT CLICK.
The middle button is always the middle button.
Right mouse button primary.

The bigger button on the pen CLICK.
The middle button is always the middle button.
Right mouse button primary.

My setup Wacom as below:

I use hotkey in Rhino as below:
Ctrl + shift + alt + right = zoom
Right = obit
Shift + right = pan

Hope It’s useful with you.

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Other method, If you do not use Middle Mouse popup menu as me. you can set it Zoom feature

After setup in wacom.
Hold Middle Mouse Button then drag on tablet. It will be zoom.

wacom or mouse do not work as it works in rhino7 why? how does one rotate the view in the X axis?