Stairs with ramps

I want to crate Saris with ramp that goes across like this one on the photo:

I have succeeded to do make the stairs and the ramp.
My problem is: how to make the landings and the turn for the next level next level as seen on the photos.

Stairs with (213.9 KB)

Thank you in advance.


Hey:) I have this old script of mine, that was trying to do something similar, I abandoned it back then, but maybe you will find it usefull. It is messy and broken, in the ramp part, because it relies on deconstruct brep → list item, in my experience it always gives trouble. Plus, it seems, split brep component doesn’t work consistently because of tolerance and cutter geometry being coincident with cutted geometry. Also, im not sure sweep 2 should be used. Also, It doesn’t adjust stair dimensons to match input curves in order to compensate ramp width. Anyways, if you solve all these problems, i think it can be usefull. Ah, yes, the ramp itself doesn’t exist yet too XD (53.8 KB)

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They objects are not used in the definition. Sorry it seems I forgot to clean my definition. Dirty dirty boy :grimacing:

Are you sure? I see many orange components and nothing previewed. Just looked again and am inclined to give up. Again.

P.S. Oh wait, if a select all components (CTRL-A) and choose the green icon (preview geometry for selected objects), I see this:

Yeah, definitely not worth investigating further. Looks interesting and the landings look easy to me.

Haha thanks for the scrip I will have a look.
PS. For my definition I was thinking that a anemone could do the work for “mirror/ continue” the stairs.

Just a question
did you look at this definition ? Yours seem a bit long.

Oppsss sorry. I didn’t see that Last Index is one of the missing components. I will change it with list item + -1. the map to surface and unroll are not used.
Thanks for taking your time!

@laurent_delrieu I saw it indeed. I was just trying another workflow where the I define the stairs landings, height and the ramp angle. I know that whit your definition is also possible to put a limit for the stairs slope, but everything is based on the base mash.
I was thinking to develop a script that is driven by the vectors and maybe make “grow”. I know it’s still far, but I am still learning so pleas let me know if my way of things/ logic is wrong. I want to improve.