Stairs with ramps

Hello! Please tell me how I can create this staircase with ramps in the terrain using Grasshopper algorithms? If there have already been similar discussions and questions, please tell me and redirect me to them. Thank you in advance!

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What have you tried so far?

Hello! I tried but so far without success. I had hoped to find similar topics on landscape stairs, but in vain. I assume that this video tutorial from Parametric House will help in creating the structure of the stairs.

I am still a student and I have yet to complete a programming course in Grasshopher, but this ladder would be very useful for me in the project

let say you model the shape of the stairs. with planar surface or mesh faces like that.

You then select faces that are at more than a certain angle. I orient normals that are faces to -Z to Z. If you are careful you donā€™t need that

The you slice the faces

These slides are moved according to the height of step and angle
movement horizontal = Step/tan(angle of face)

I do it in 2 directions in order to cover all the faces.
Then loft, then extrude.


black magic!!! :+1:


Oh, how you helped me, thank you so much!

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If necessary I could post the script. But if you want to learn it is a good exercise to replicate it. The only trick is an expression on Z vector. One time it is x and the other -x. It means one time you need extrusion along Z and the other toward -Z.


Here a version enhanced. As I now treat quite correctly the offset, when 2 stairs meet it is better.
I also added a higher limit in order to not have steps on walls.

stairs on lateral faces (24.9 KB)