STADUIM-like stairs in grashopper

hello guys i have been struggling real bad with this for a while and i really need this to work for my architectural project for school,so i have made this roof thats composed of around 2500 boxes but i wanted the boxes to be like stairs meaning the distance is 20 centimetres not more so it functional like a normal staircase i wantto have the same extact proejct just lessen the distance beteween boxes to 20 centimetres in z diection please help me!! (38.0 KB)

please internalize these geometries and repost the GH file (46.2 KB)
here im so sorry i forgot

Generally Speaking, what you need first is to determine which Variables are okay to be flexible. You can’t have all of them defined and expect a rigid grid of boxes (that are equal in dimension) to be aligned to an organic surface and expect everything to work.

1- What is the acceptable range for riser height is? you said no more 20cm, do you mean (0 to 20cm)
2- If the above is okay you need to limit the height of the stair flight so it won’t be any drastic height difference between the extreme sides of boxes.

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Hello no i dont need all of them to be well defined and aligned i just want their intersection to be like stairs and yes between 0 and 20 cm is perfectly fine but i couldnt do it in grasshopper