Ramps between surfaces?

Hi! I am trying to create these ramps between the selected surfaces in GH, however I am not sure how to actually make the ramps like in the screenshot (blue surfaces). I was thinking that making a loft between the edges might be a start, however I am not sure on how to do it…Any ideas? Thank you!!
ramps.gh (4.9 KB)


you can check this…i have tried to make it as more general as i knew…

ramps_RE.gh (14.4 KB)

Hi, Hope it would help

STAIRCASE.gh (16.4 KB)

Hi! Thank you both!

I have used both definitions, and I realised that what I am actually trying to do, is to create stairs that can fit inside a box with certain dimensions.

In order to do this, I thought that the best way to start is to create a grid in two of the 4 faces of the brep (box), whereas the X dimension would define the width of the staircase, and the Y would define how many staircases would fit inside the box in its height. Also, the staircase that fits inside the box should move (or offset) for every flight of stairs it climbs (like in the picture). I tried to make all of the above in this definition I am attaching, however, I know it can be done so much better, yet not sure how.

So, if anyone knows how to make it easier and better, I would very much appreciate the contribution.
Thank you!!

staircases.gh (47.5 KB)

Here is one way…

staircases_RE.gh (47.8 KB)


THANK YOU!!! so much