Grasshopper script advice

Good day!

I am not that experienced at grasshopper but wanted to ask if someone knew how to achieve a staircase srea like the one here. Its by BIG Architects and is called lego house.

Thank you!

drawing some lines (rays) to intercept the top and bottom of the very same rows of steps, it looks like the crests are sort of perfectly aligned in the direction which is perpendicular to the side stair:

but they look not aligned in the direction which is parallel to the side stair:

this makes me guess that the first “division” of the surfaces to be replaced by stairs is done in the direction which is perpendicular to the stairs, and in particular that height of one cube level = height of 3 stair steps (small stair in blue line is just for reference, and not part of the definition)

after that each path is to be divided by the number of steps in the opposite direction: (20.2 KB)

this is just how I’d approach it, but it might be much more complicated than that :slight_smile:

[edit] I just wanted to add… it does not really need to be built geometrically like in the above solution, domains will get us there faster and in a much more efficient way: (16.5 KB)


Thank you soo much! It makes sense to me now