Stacked Wall type in Visualarq possible?

Hello, I’m trying to create an external wall that has brick running up about 5’ of the wall, before it switches to wood siding. Is this possible?

Two wall types on top of each other.


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Hi, it is not currently possible to do this with one single wall. You will need to create 2 wall styles with different materials for their respective external layers and draw two walls one on top of each other using these two wall styles.

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Would be helpful if there was a VASplitVertical command.


All right, I take note of this suggestion for future versions.

And using a closed curve as a boundary on the wall for a different wall style (for example wall with stucco layer and wall without stucco next to each other)?

Thank you, yeah I have a brick “wainscotting” on a project and I wonder if we could almost extrude a profile along a path to create a wall, that would allow a great amount of flexibility.

We can take into account this feature too for future versions. Actually when walls support the option to create styles from GH definitions (as you could already do now with the Railing object, for example), you will be able to do that.

That’s a good idea too.

Are multiple material types on a Va wall surface possible yet?

Hello, another possible workaround for now is creating a wall style with an outer layer with thickness 0. Using elevation offsets in this layer definition you can make it look like it is a stacked wall.

Anyway, I’ll add your vote to this feature for future versions.

I imagine that the outer layer would only need a thickness of 0 if intended to be a layer of paint. If what’s required is a layer composed of wainscot boards applied to the wall, this component - offset from the top by a considerable amount - could have a thickness, right?

Yes, it would be like a layer of paint so it would only work in terms of appearance.

If what you need is a layer which doesn’t have the same height as the rest of the wall, yes, you can use the elevation offsets in this layer definition and give it a thickness.

If what you need is to create a wall that changes its layers at a certain height, then you need to use the “layer of paint” we were talking about or create two walls, one on top of each other, with different layers each.