SR9 install issue for Zoo licenses

Everyone who pulls their license from the Zoo is seeing this warning when they try to install SR9:


Picking OK does nothing. It’s possible to complete the installation if you pick the gear icon and enter the path. I don’t want to have 100+ people doing this. Is there something I can do to make this as smooth as all of the other SR updates?



Woah, that doesn’t look good. We fixed a similar problem for standalone licenses right before SR9 went out; I’ll investigate shortly. Logged as RH-48903.

@DanBayn do you use DNS for clients to determine the Zoo address?

Yes, but here is the comment from our IT manager:

It’s supposed to help Rhino to automatically detect the Zoo server by looking for this __zoo6.__mcneel DNS record, which then points to the actual license server name. So to answer the question, yes, we have this set up in our DNS servers for the Zoo. In practice, I don’t know if this actually works all that well. I think we usually just specify what the license server is, rather than trying to detect it with this DNS record.

I hope this is helpful.


It is. It looks like, at least on your computer, that you don’t have the zoo server address stored locally. So for at least you, it looks like DNS is working. That explains why our testing hasn’t shown up this particular issue. Thanks.

As a workaround, you can script the installation of SR9 for your users. This will bypass the UI, and therefore this dialog box.

rhino_en-us_...exe /passive /package

This will start the installer without asking any questions, aside from asking to elevate.

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Thanks Brian.

RH-48903 is fixed in the latest Service Release

Thanks Brian. What we discovered installing SR9 is that you didn’t actually need to define your server location. You could type anything in that field and it would work, Just couldn’t be blank.