Unknown Failure. (900)

Hi there. New to Zoo, installed it on a clean computer (Windows 2012 R2).

I am trying to add the site license for Rhino 5 for Windows and Flamingo NXT. Once I click OK, the following window pops up. Tried clean install, checked the firewall, totally lost on this.

How do you debug or fix this one?

BTW, I’ve done a trace on the conversation that Zoo has with the web server and we’re receiving a X509 CRL back…



Hi Richard,

I’m sorry about that.

How long ago did you download? For a week or so, we had a newer build of the Zoo from Mid-January 2017 that exhibited the problem you describe. But we rolled it back to a march 2015 build after that.

Please download from http://www.rhino3d.com/download/zoo/6/latest and uninstall your existing installation.

Hi Brian,

Thank-you - that was taking up too many hours trying to figure it out. Perhaps it would be good to note this one in the defect/changelog in future??

Now I’m getting an error message during validation - message: ‘xxxxxx@djarragun.qld.edu.au’ cannot be used to validate this license key. You used your other email address to validate last time. Please use it every time you validate.;’

I have never validated this license before!!!

Frustrating much.


Please send a message to sales@mcneel.com with details on the email address problem.
It is telling you that the license key was installed and validated using a different email address before. Sales can help get it sorted.