SR3 RC1 breaks Grasshopper Radial Menu

@brian I think the radial menu in GH is broken? When I have one, or multiple, components selected, and press the space bar, it brings up the search input dialog, as opposed to the component radial menu.

(6.3.18064.23201, 03/05/2018)

IIRC this is a change made quite recently by @DavidRutten . I think it was to lessen the need for double-clicking to start typing.

I see. Is there an alternative Key Combo that we should use? Ctrl + Q will handle toggling a preview on/off for selected components for now. Is the radial menu going away or just a new shortcut key?

@DavidRutten please educate us?

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Figured it out today by accident: Middle Mouse button = radial menu