GH 1 UI changes

After some time spent with Rhino 6 and GH 1, here is a couple of thoughts:

  1. Creating relays with one of the modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift or any combination) + double click would be really cool. It is of course a matter of getting used to the wires being interactive, but a lack of a visual cue when you hover over a wire makes it cumbersome to say at least. I’m constantly double clicking the wires whenever I want to create a new component…
  2. Is it really necessary to recompute the definition whenever a relay is inserted ?
  3. Could we have an option to set a shortcut for the radial menu ? I guess and hope that I’m not the only person which got used to the space+mouse button combo… it really speeds up the workflow. It still works with a middle button, but please find a mouse with an easy-to-click-middle-button.


Pressing the space bar will also pop up the search box now.

Theoretically no, but Grasshopper has been designed to make it exceedingly unlikely that a change made would not trigger a new solution, because that would be a serious bug. As a result it is impossible to make a change to wires and not expire objects. I’m going to have to add more methods to core Grasshopper that would allow for this. It’s on the list, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to this.

Ctrl + Space still brings up the radial menu, and you can edit the settings xml if you really want the old behaviour back. In grasshopper_kernel.xml, change the following entry to true:

<item name="Canvas:SpaceIsRadial" type_name="gh_bool" type_code="1">false</item>