Sr19 BUG : scale to 0 doesn't work

What the hell happened???
Since latest version (sr19l) I’m not able to scale to 0 anymore.
Why this was changed?
It’s a bug or made on purpose???

@pascal @theoutside ?

Hello- meaning, scale with 0 (origin) as the base point?


are you using a gumball handle scaled to zero?

if so, it’s working here…

Yes scale with gumball.
… I’m using the Italian version, could this matter?
And I can’t flatten a curve.

No, scale using the gumball.
I’m used to flatten crvs with gumball scale to zero.

Same here (Version 7 SR19, 7.19.22165.13001, 2022-06-14) english: it works fine.


it seems to work fine here Rhino 7, 7.19.22180.09001

@pascal , @theoutside ,
I’ve found it.
The gumball scale works if I simply click the square
but It doesn’t work If I use the Shift to scale all dimensions togheter.

Sometimes I’m collapsing point into a mesh
Try this: create a cylinder and collapse the upper base to a point to create a cone using the Shift+Scale gumball to ZERO.