Squishing a shoe last after quad remesh, test

Continuing the discussion from Squishing after Quadremesh, + bug in squish:

Squishing compared to the traditional method of flattening.

Bug: While testing squish in the last WIP (7.0.20245.13385, 09/01/2020), SquishBack did not let you select the 2D patternmesh of the Quadremeshed last scan.

Here you see the last, and a hand made “fishbone” flattening of the lateral side of the last.
The result of this method is very dependend of the personal way it is made. Different shoemakers will have different methods, so even a perfect ,standardized flattening method will need individual adjustments to match the individual method of pattern drawing. But that is no problem as long as the flattening method is consistent, since shoemaking is a craft, .

The 3D scanned last (Artec Spider scanner)

Trimming the bottom and top surface

Splitting the scan in a medial (Cyan) and lateral (magenta) half

Quadremeshing the last scan halves

Squishing the remeshed scan halves.
Note that at the regions that “bend back” over the split/middle line, squish is going wrong.

The squish flattenings compared to the hand made flattenings.
There are differences, but taking those differences in account while drawing the patterns can compensate for that.