Flatten Upper from Shoe Last Using Squish

Hi, attached is a shoe last I’d like to flatten to get the 2D upper pattern. I hope to achieve something like the image below.

A few problems I’m having:

  • The only way I can get the back parts not to overlap is with deformation type free. This is promising, but the lack of control isn’t ideal.
  • The flattened boundaries are no longer smooth curves but rather wobbly
  • If I cutout the tongue area before squishing, I get some really odd results, like the last is being flattened on its side

Is squish the best command for this task? Does anyone know of a plugin that would work better for this? Any other suggestions at all?

SamShoeLastToFlatten.stl (355.1 KB)

Hi Sam - Squish is not really designed to unwrap heavily curved objects all in one go - you may need to split it up into panels.


Also, there are a couple of plugins that might help:

Of course, these are expensive solutions!

Pascal, thanks for your response. I’m trying to just squish a small section now, just the back quarter. It works good except the very back bottom edge seems to fold in on itself when I really need closer to a 90 degree edge. Any suggestions on any settings that could achieve this?

Vanessa, thank you for those suggestions, I will likely get in touch with them.


Did you solved that?

No, not yet. I tried cutting slits to see if that would allow it to spread, but didn’t work. I think it will have to be done in panels as Pascal said, and somehow put back together after flattening.

Hello samlochner,

Create a new surface from the mesh, it can be flattened well without any problem.

Please re to the attached file.



ShoeLastToFlatten.3dm (531.0 KB)

Thanks @dream21jun. What was your technique for creating the surface from the mesh?


Created sections + NetworkSrf + Rebuild

Okay, thanks @dream21jun