Squishing after Quadremesh + bug in squish

Any progress in the Squish/Squish back bug?
(And get it History enabled…)

Getting squish working on Quadremeshed meshes would be a great help.


can you post a file with steps to reproduce?

I started with a last scan, split the top and bottom and then by the centerline.
Quadremeshed one halve ( target count 2000 quad, adaptive quad count 50%)
Squished with default settings.
Now the 2D pattern is not selectable with a mouseclick.
SquishBack does not allow you to select the 2D pattern mesh.
squish example.3dm (3.7 MB)

Any chance (bug free) Squish/squishback with history enabled will make it to Rhino7?

looking at your example and will write up issues I find-

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