Squish (bug) Error expanding mesh overlap

sq.3dm (898.9 KB)

This problem with surfaces that bend 90° or more has Squish had since it’s introduction.
I think it is a structural problem.

There was a recent bug fix to the Squish code that I believe fixes this in Rhino 7SR11. I seem to get the correct result when I run it in that version.

Not fixed

sq2.3dm (837.3 KB)

OK, that’s obviously not good. I’ve created a new issue for this:

RH-66107 Squish has problems with large bends in surfaces

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How exactly did you generate that mesh? There seems to be something very particular about it which I am trying to track down but everything I generate from the two curves in the file works just fine. It would be a BIG help to find how how yours was created.

sq2.3dm (1.3 MB)

Thank you that is very helpful. I am working on it.